Little Flock Baptist Church

Little Flock Baptist Church

Highway 169 North, Road 8 East, S. Coffeyville, Oklahoma

Pastor's corner

Welcome to the Pastor’s Corner a sacred space where we explore God’s Word, share our hearts, and deepen our faith journey together. As your pastor, I am humbled and honored to walk alongside each of you. 

In this corner, we’ll delve into the timeless truths of Scripture, wrestle with life’s questions, and find solace in prayer. It’s a place where doubts are welcomed, and hope is kindled. Here, we’ll celebrate victories, mourn losses, and lift one another up in love.

As we embark on this journey, let us remember that faith isn’t a solitary endeavor—it’s a communal adventure. We’re not just a congregation; we’re a family. So, whether you’re a seasoned believer or someone exploring spirituality for the first time, know that you belong here. Your presence enriches our tapestry of faith.

Together, we’ll explore the valleys and mountaintops, seeking God’s guidance, grace, and transformation. Let’s engage in meaningful dialogue, share our stories, and encourage one another. Feel free to ask questions, challenge assumptions, and seek understanding. Our ‘Pastor’s Corner’ thrives on authenticity and vulnerability.

May this corner be a beacon of light, illuminating our paths as we journey toward deeper communion with God and one another. Let’s walk together, hand in hand, trusting that the Author of our faith is writing a beautiful story through our lives.


Pastor Orange


Isaiah 26:3 (KJV)

Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is tayed on thee:

Today’s Devotional is all about your faith!  Faith Over Fear.

When you pray God is listening

The beauty of God’s creation is all around me.



God is the one who perfectly lives, rules, loves, and speaks, all to his own glory.

The Scriptures are all about Jesus, the one to be proclaimed, trusted, and praised.

We are confident that God is in charge and at work through the joys and sometimes failures of preaching.

Our true identity is found not in being busy preachers but in being called to be sons of God.

You shall preach as a love expression to the Lord your God.

Prayer is a heart open to God.